Our Trusted Partners

Welcome to our Trusted Partners page. Here, we're proud to showcase the driving schools that have committed to elevating the standards of driving instruction across Australia by becoming Accredited Driving Schools with the Instructor College.

Our trusted partners demonstrate a relentless pursuit of excellence, implementing high-quality instruction and utilising cutting-edge teaching strategies. They benefit from our comprehensive support package, including tailored business coaching, specialised training, exclusive discounts, and more.

Through our Accredited Driving School program, these driving schools have not only demonstrated their dedication to delivering top-notch driving education but have also shown their commitment to sustainable business growth and development. They proudly display our accredited school signage, signalling their status as part of our esteemed network.

Below, you'll find a list of these dedicated institutions. We invite you to explore their offerings and see firsthand the difference that our accreditation makes.

Trusted Partners Directory

Metro Driving School

Locations: QUEENSLAND (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns)

About: At Metro Driving School, we pride ourselves on our high standard of tuition. By learning with us, you are ensuring the best chance of success and many years of safe driving! The secret of becoming a confident and competent driver is to choose a driving school and a driving instructor who understands your individual needs – whose expertise, patience, and guidance will turn an otherwise stressful occasion into a positive and rewarding experience.

Phone: 1300 42 12 42
Email: info@metrodriving.com.au
Website: metrodriving.com.au

EasyAs Driver Training Australia

Location: QUEENSLAND (Brisbane and Gold Coast) 

About: Equip yourself with the experience and the knowledge to drive safe whilst on the roads. We offer the most comprehensive and fully structured driver training program in Brisbane, Gold Coast and indeed, the rest of Australia. Our training techniques ensure trainees are taught to use hazard identification and accident prevention strategies to start them on a lifetime of safe driving. Our instructors are trained above the current industry standards and are constantly monitored with ongoing training and support. If you are concerned about receiving the highest quality driver training for you or your loved ones, be assured that you will be provided with the most caring and professional lessons available.

Phone: 1800 144 749
Email: contact@easyasdta.com.au
Website: easyasdta.com.au

RAC School of Motoring

Location: QUEENSLAND (Brisbane and Sunshine Coast) 

About: Our instructors are the best in the business; we make it a point to only work with high calibre driver trainers, your success leads to positive reviews and referrals for the RAC School of Motoring, which leads to more successful students, which leads to more referrals – you get the idea.

It is our long term goal to reduce the amount of young driver fatalities on our roads by introducing new, highly capable, safe drivers to Queensland’s roads. This is only achievable by having the best instructors around teaching you guys correctly. That is as simple as it needs to be.
Be assured that if you're learning with the RAC School of Motoring it means you are receiving the best driver training available.

Phone: (07) 3123 5412
Email: sales@racschoolofmotoirng.com.au
Website: racsom.com.au

Learners Driver Training

Location: QUEENSLAND (Gold Coast) 

About: Our Gold Coast driving school injects fun into learning to drive. Our team of accredited, professional & friendly driving instructors have a positive attitude and fun approach to driving lessons, giving you what you really want when you first get behind the wheel – an all-round great experience!

We don’t compromise on safety or professionalism. We have proven that our approach to driving lessons and defensive driving techniques gets our students driving safely and confidently sooner and passing their driving tests the first time!

We're continually working to expand our network of Accredited Driving Schools. If you represent a driving school and you're interested in joining our mission to improve driving instruction across Australia, we invite you to learn more about our Accredited Driving School program theinstructorcollege.com.au/Become-an-Accredited-Driving-School.

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