Instructor Commission Split Initiative

At our network of Driving Schools, we're excited to introduce a lucrative Instructor Referral Scheme designed to reward our Driving Instructors for their efforts in growing our team. We're not just offering a token incentive for referrals; we're presenting an opportunity to significantly boost your long-term income as a Driving Instructor in one of our schools. We've aptly named this initiative the Instructor Commission Split.

Most businesses encourage staff to provide referrals during recruitment drives, often rewarding them with modest financial incentives. But we've chosen to take a different, more rewarding path. Our approach involves a commission split that promises sustainable, substantial impacts on your earnings.

Allow us to explain how it operates.

Qualified Instructor Recruitment:

Suppose Driving Instructor Dave, a valued member of Metro Driving School, introduces a new instructor, James, to one of our schools. Like all instructors, James pays the standard Contract Driving Instructor Commission Rate of 20% on his booking fees to Metro Driving School.

At the end of each month, Metro Driving School will compile a Commission Report on James's earnings. Let's say that for a given month, James's booking fees add up to $7000. This means Metro Driving School's commission from James is 20% of this total, which equates to $1400.

Here's where the unique aspect of our scheme comes into play: Dave, who was instrumental in bringing James into the team, receives a bonus equivalent to 15% of the commission charged by Metro Driving School from James. In this case, that's $210.

The beauty of this scheme is its consistency. Every month, without fail, Dave gets his bonus. This continues indefinitely, only ending if either Dave or James leaves Metro Driving School.

But the potential doesn't stop there. If Dave is able to recruit more instructors, each one contributes to his bonus just like James. The best part? There's no ceiling on how much Dave can earn from his referrals. This essentially makes his referral income limitless.

We hope this enhanced incentive encourages our driving instructors to actively participate in growing our team, thus providing opportunities to elevate their earnings to unprecedented heights.

New to Industry Recruitment:

Beyond the Instructor Commission Split program, we're delighted to roll out a secondary incentive plan tailored specifically for the recruitment of prospective instructors interested in enrolling in the TLI41222 Cert IV in Transport and Logistics (Car Driving Instruction).

Understanding the value of nurturing new talent in our industry, we've designed an extra bonus for our instructors who introduce potential instructors to this certification path. If you, as an experienced instructor, recruit an aspiring candidate who signs up for and successfully completes the TLI41222 course with The Instructor College, we have a generous reward lined up for you.

The course is currently priced at $3500. In recognition of your integral role in bringing fresh talent into our schools, you'll receive a bonus of 10% of the course fee, amounting to $350! This bonus will be awarded upon the successful completion of the course by your recruit.

The benefits don't stop there. Once your recruit finishes their certification and begins their journey as a Driving Instructor with one of our Driving Schools, you'll qualify for the regular monthly 15% commission on their booking fees, as detailed in the Instructor Commission Split program.

In this manner, you are rewarded not only for attracting new talent to our Driving Schools, but also for the continuing success of the instructors you've helped bring onboard. We're committed to ensuring that the benefits of our growth are shared with you, as a vital contributor to the expansion and overall success of our schools.

With these dual, potent incentive programs, there's genuinely no limit to your potential earnings. This is our way of expressing our gratitude for your contributions in strengthening our team of quality Driving Instructors.

Excited to share the benefits of our Instructor Referral Scheme?

Here are the steps to guide you through referring a qualified Driving Instructor:

  • Identify a Candidate: The first step is to find a suitable candidate. If you know a qualified instructor interested in joining one of our Driving Schools, they can be your potential referral.
  • Send an Introduction Email: Next, write an introductory email to In your email, include key details about the referred instructor such as their full name, contact information, and a summary of their qualifications and teaching experience.
  • Follow the Recruitment Process: Once we've received your email, Johnny will kickstart our standard recruitment procedure for the candidate. You'll be kept informed every step of the way.
  • Start Earning: As soon as the instructor you've referred joins our team and commences delivering lessons, you'll start earning based on our Instructor Commission Split scheme.

By simply referring qualified instructors to our schools, you can open up a steady stream of additional income. We're eager to welcome the skilled instructors you introduce to our network of Driving Schools!

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