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Get To Know Johnny

The Instructor College is owned by Johnny Sage who is the Principal of THE INSTRUCTOR COLLEGE. Johnny was trained in the UK as a Department of Transport Approved Driving Instructor. The vigorous training programme in the UK is a highly envied qualification. The three part examination takes up to six months to complete and consists of part one test. The Instructors theory test which had over 100 questions covering the law and driving techniques.

Part 2 of the test consisted of an extended one hour practical driving test with no more than 5 minor driving faults allowed during the test.

Part 3 of the test assessed the Instructors ability to teach. This is a very stringent and difficult test to pass and at the time had a national pass rate of approximately 39%.

Johnny @THE INSTRUCTOR COLLEGE ran his successful driving school for over 12 years and had over 17 driving school cars and instructors working within the company.

Johnny @ THE INSTRUCTOR COLLEGE moved to Brisbane with his family 8 years ago and qualified as a QLD approved Driver Trainer.



Industry Qualifications - 1

  • Certificate IV Registered Driver Trainer
  • Certificate TAE 40110 Training & Assessment
  • Qualified Government Driver Tester/Driving Examiner
  • Qualified Disability Tester & Aged Driver Tester
  • Heavy Ridge & Motorcycle Licences Held
  • Industry Drivers Authority - Coach/Bus

Having worked as a senior Driving Examiner/ Driver Tester Johnny knows what the examiners are looking for during your test, you can't get more experienced than that. His main goal is to train you to a standard of his own high skills and expectations, but more importantly he aims to train you to be one of the best Instructors in the business